When It Comes to Comparisons, There is One Clean, Efficient, Cost Effective Winner

Plasma versus Traditional

APJeT® Inc. is the global leader in using atmospheric plasma for sustainable, water-free, low level chemistry solutions for high performance finishing.

Water Usage

Traditional methods use large volumes of water in the treatment process and requires waste water clean up

APJeT® is a dry technology (no dip tanks or waste water)


Traditional methods may require chemicals that have a negative environmental impact

APJeT® process results in no greenhouse gases or toxic chemicals


Conventional fabric processing utilizes massive fans and ovens in order to dry and cure dipped textiles

Plasma is inherently energy efficient. APJeT® uses less floor space and reduces operation costs.

Eliminate water usage and waste water clean up in the finishing process

•Reduce levels of chemicals that may have negative environmental impacts

•Reduce energy requirements

Versatile for various substrates
Sustainable ROI

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Environmental – Cost

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Our Technology

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APJeT’s® Technology was Designed with the Environment in Mind.