APJeT Benefits

The APJeT plasma process has several advantages over competing methodologies attempting to modify surface properties. Whether applying a coating, modifying surface properties, or disinfecting surfaces, the APJeT process is environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient and compact. Since the APJet plasma process does not use water or heat, the process can treat fragile materials without damage or altering the hand of the material.

Environmentally Clean​

The APJeT process uses non-aqueous chemistry and therefore does not produce any wastewater. Any air effluent is captured, filtered, and recycled back to the process. Air discharge levels are < 1 ppm. When compared to a conventional, aqueous treatment process which contaminates millions of gallons of water each year, the APJeT process is the clear environmental choice.


The APJeT coating process is streamlined and compact. The compact size allows for placement in existing facilities or minimizes building cost in new builds. Whether applying a functional coating or modifying the surface properties, the flexible design and compact size of our systems allows easy integration into existing processes.

Cost Efficient​

Since the APJeT process is waterless, there is no need to dry the substrate post-treatment, meaning significantly less energy is required in processing. Energy requirements are 95% less than an aqueous treatment process and net operating costs are approximately 40% lower. Capital equipment costs are also significantly lower than traditional treatment methods.