Our Solutions

When it comes to comparisons APJeT® is the one eco-friendly, efficient, cost-effective winner.

Our scientists have designed our finishes to provide maximum performance with minimal chemistry. APJeT’s innovative technology applies these finishes to natural, synthetic, and composite fabrics. The end result is maximum performance with minimal to no change to the feel or hand of the fabric.

APJeT® offers water and oil repellency, anti-microbial, wicking, and flame retardant finishes for a variety of markets.

Safe, environmentally-friendly, economical – that’s the APJeT® Advantage!

Silicone Release Coatings

APJeT’s Silicone release coatings are availabe for pressure sentsitive and self-adhesive applications on film, paper, and other substrates. Fomulations can be tailored for easy and smooth release, controlled, tight release, and applications in between. APJeT’s plasma cures efficiently without photoinitiators, catalyst, or heat, making it the ideal choice for all materials including moisture and heat sensitve substrates.

Durable Water Repellency

Our durable repellent options are available in fluorine (PFOA free), silicone-based, and wax-based formulations.


In addition to the ability of our plasma system to pretreat or activate surfaces, APJeT® also offers finishes designed to increase the surface energy of substrates. This allows for quicker absorption of water and faster movement of moisture away from concentrated areas.


APJeT’s quaternary ammonium finishes reduce antimicrobial activity for textiles and other substrates.

Need a custom finish?

Contact us and our applications team will work with you to provide a solution for your specific to your needs.