Coating & Finishes

APJeT's Plasma Coating Systems

The APJeT plasma coating process is an alternative technology for conventional heat-based coating systems. APJeT’s plasma systems include a chemical applicator for applying our proprietary, water-free GreenFIX™ chemical formulations and a plasma system for chemical curing that  operates at atmospheric pressure, room temperature, and industrial line speeds using inexpensive gases.

Carefully engineered to cause powerful chemical surface reactions, APJeT’s plasma cures coatings without altering the bulk strength and other desirable properties of the substrate. APJeT’s coating systems provide our customers with a reliable and sustainable solution for applying high-performance finishes on roll goods, including woven and nonwoven fabrics, nanofibers, film, paper, filter media and various other substrates.

APJeT has developed proprietary GreenFIX™ chemical formulations specific to our system that provide value-added functional properties including: water repellency, antimicrobial, flame resistance, release, oil repellency, alcohol repellency, and moisture management/wicking.


APJeT’s unique DriStream technology allows us to digitally print and cure our proprietary chemical formulations into patterns of varying concentration or shape.

What Types of Coatings Can Be Applied?

APJeT®’s proprietary chemical finishes include: water and oil repellent, anti-microbial, flame resistant, wicking, and release. For a full listing of our available finishes or talk with us about a custom finish, contact us.

What Benefit Does APJeT's Plasma Coating Have?

Our roll-to-roll systems offer an attractive replacement for typical vacuum (batch) processes. In addition to a much smaller footprint, our systems are cost-effective, versatile, and environmentally sustainable. APJeT’s systems can be utilized in a variety of industries and applications.

Benefits of Our Systems

  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Compatible with Sensitive Materials 
  • Small Physical Footprint
  • Less Chemical Waste
  • Heavily Patent-Protected     
  • Novel DriStream™ Patterning Capability    
ApJeT Plasma Coating Machine

Coating & Curing with Plasma

APJeT®’s plasma finishing involves a reaction between the plasma, a substrate, and a chemical to create a coating or finish on the surface of the substrate. Each APJeT® finish is achieved with a proprietary blend of chemistry tailored to achieve the desired performance on the substrate.

First, the chemistry is applied to the surface of the substrate using a chemical applicator, such as a roll coater, sprayer, or digital printer (DriStream™). No wastewater is produced during this chemical application process.

Next, the substrate enters the plasma region where the chemistry is cured to the substrate without any heat or elevated temperatures. Due to the elimination of heat and water, the APJeT® process provides both a cost savings and environmental benefit.

APJeT®’s proprietary chemical coatings include several functional finishes including the following: durable water repellent, anti-microbial, wicking, and release.

Have a plasma application?

Contact us and our technical support team will work with you to find a solution.