APJeT’s patent-pending sterilization systems are carefully engineered to cause powerful chemical surface reactions that target viruses and bacteria. Our plasma technology is effective at inactivating microbial pathogens including an approved surrogate virus for COVID-19.

APJeT®’s plasma sterilization is fast and efficient. The technology provides total elimination of all biological material, including RNA and DNA, from surfaces. It is environmentally friendly and does not require chemicals, heat, or UV. This powerful technology is packed in a small footprint making it suitable for the laboratory, the office, or commercial settings.

Benefits of Our Systems

  • Kills Viruses and Bacteria
  • Eliminates Biological Material (RNA & DNA)
  • Cost Efficient
  • No Heat, No Chemicals, No UV
  • Patent-pending Technology
ApJeT Plasma Sterilization Machine

How Does Atmospheric Plasma Sterilization Work?

Atmospheric plasma sterilization applies high-voltage electricity to air to create reactive species. The reactive species attack bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants and contaminates, effectively inactivating them. 

Disinfecting with Plasma

APJeT’s disinfecting plasma technology can be constructed as a free-standing apparatus or integrated as a component to existing systems to provide safety and security for eliminating the COVID-19 virus from surfaces and the air. Applications include:

• HVAC system
• Hand-held wands
• Disinfection boxes or chambers
• Air purification mobile units

Have a plasma application?

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