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• Chemistry is applied to knits, wovens, or non-wovens and is cured by our plasma dry technology
• Atmospheric continuous process
• Commercial process speeds
  • Compact and Efficient
  • Less Chemistry Required
  • Durable functional finishes
  • Friendly to all fiber types
  • No heat degradation
  • No PFOAs
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Economical & Sustainable
APJeT’s Plasma Dry Technology versus Traditional

APJeT® Inc. is the global leader in using atmospheric plasma for sustainable, water-free, low level chemistry solutions for high performance finishing.

Water Usage

Traditional methods use large volumes of water in the treatment process and require waste water cleanup.

APJeT® is a dry technology therefore no waste water cleanup.


Traditional methods may require chemicals that have a negative environmental impact.

The APJeT® process is PFOA free.


Traditional fabric processing utilizes massive fans and ovens to dry and cure functional finishes.

APJeT’s Plasma technology is non-thermal and significantly reduces energy consumption and does not create greenhouse gases.


APJeT’s APTeX® machine and process has a very small footprint as compared to traditional manufacturing equipment.

The APTeX® machine is compact and efficient, streamlined and simple.

Durable, Water and Oil Repellency, Anti-Microbial, Wicking, and Flame Retardant Finishes for a variety of markets.

APJeT® achieves these functional finishes with minimal to no change to the feel of the fabric. Our innovative technology can be used to apply finishes to multiple fabric types constructed of multiple fiber blends.