APJeT is focused on people and the planet, with the goal of industrial decarbonization through innovative plasma technologies and green chemistries.

APJeT’s plasma systems help companies reduce their carbon footprint to achieve net zero emissions and to meet their UN sustainability goals by improving customer safety and reducing or eliminating the use of water & gas, energy, chemistry, and heat. 

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No Wastewater

No water; No wastewater

The APJeT Coating Systems uses non-aqueous chemistry and therefore does not produce wastewater.  In comparison, a conventional process uses millions of gallons of water each year.

Reduced Carbon

Less energy required

The carbon footprint is reduced by around 94% for Plasma Coating Systems and over 50% for Plasma Surface Activation Systems.

Worker Safety

Cooler temperatures; No shocks

APJeT’s Surface Activation Systems operate at cool temperatures and eliminates harmful electrical shocks.

Less Emissions

Reduced gas emissions

Process gases are captured, filtered, and recycled back into the plasma coating process with APJeT’s Coating Systems.

Reduced Waste

Less second quality; Less chemistry 

No heat-damage occurs on sensitive substrates during line stops, reducing waste and increasing first quality goods.

APJeT Coating Systems can apply chemistry exclusively to the fabric face or in the garment pattern shape.

Compact Design

90% smaller equipment footprint

Compared to incumbent thermal technologies, APJeT Coating Systems are streamlined and compact, allowing for easy placement in existing facilities or minimizing brick and mortar in new builds.

APJeT Inc.

High Energy InnovationTM

APJeT Inc. directly addresses UN sustainability goals in all three of their business segments.




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