APJeT Plasma Technologies
HDPE Surface Activation for Printing
Improve printability and ink adhesion of HDPE pipe and plastics

• Low Temperature • Robust • Customer Service Focused
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APJeT Plasma Technologies
Silicone Release Coatings Tailored formulations for pressure sensitive and self-adhesives on
film and paper substrates

No Photoinitator • No Catalyst • No Heat • Smaller Footprint
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APJeT Plasma Technologies
Surface Activation
Improved Adhesion • Increased Wettability • Low Capital Cost
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APJeT Plasma Technologies
Sustainable water free solution for performance finishing

• No Water • Less Energy
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APJeT Plasma Technologies
Reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria

• Kills COVID-19 • Air & Surface • Safe and Effective
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Plasma Technology

ApJeT High Energy InnovationTM

APJeT Inc. is a plasma technology company that develops systems for coating, surface activation, and disinfection/sterilization.


Sustainability and Impact

APJeT’s plasma systems help companies reduce their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals by improving customer safety and reducing or eliminating the use of water & gas, energy, chemistry, and heat.

Customer Support

APJeT prides itself on customer service and satisfaction, so please contact us today for a customized approach to your plasma needs.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is considered the fourth state of matter.

It is generated when energy, usually in the form of electricity, is added to molecules in the gaseous state. This additional energy causes the gas molecules to ionize, forming charged particles.

The four stages of matter

These charged particles will interact with each other inside an electric field, forming additional highly-reactive species. These highly-reactive species can be used to modify surfaces, induce chemical reactions, and kill pathogens.

When energy is removed from a plasma (power turned off), the electrons and ions rapidly recombine, returning the ionized gas back to a safe, inert state.

APJeT is an expert at engineering and optimizing plasma and offers plasma systems for Surface Activation, Coatings, and Sterilization/Disinfection.

News & Events In Plasma Technology

Morrisville, NC, USA, December 08, 2022

APJeT® seeking USD 10M to accelerate sales of its proprietary plasma technology as the Centripetal Capital Partners-backed company prepares for anticipated breakout growth

Morrisville, NC, USA, July 20, 2021

President and CEO, Bentley Park, discusses APJeT’s Air Plasma Technology for treatment of composites materials with Jonathan Taylor in Composites Weekly’s latest podcast.

Morrisville, NC, USA, July, 2021

APJeT® Announces Application Breakthrough for Air Plasma Technology

Morrisville, NC, USA, June 03, 2021

APJeT®’s pre-treat plasma technology is designed for application with multiple types of plastic parts, including: high density polyethylene (HDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE). 

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